Hugh Ormsby-Lennon


B.A. (Hons), M.A. Cantab.  Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania
English Department, Saint Augustine Center, Room 466

Voice Mail (Home) & Fax:  (215) 238-1187

Curriculum Vitae and Publications
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City of London School

City of London School
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KC Chapel


King's College, Cambridge


University of Pennsylvania


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The Philadelphia Scene
(Nightly and daily doings in Philly.)




Find Literary Terms, Author Bio's, & cetera

 Quotations for Epigraphs star.wmf (1334 bytes)Using Material from other Authors   star.wmf (1334 bytes)Tips for Writing 
star.wmf (1334 bytes)Guide to Grammar and Writing   
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Help withBenjamin Franklin    Bridget Jones's Diary I    Bridget Jones's Diary II    Nick Hornby

Hogarth and Modern British Political Cartoonists


Protocols for All Students in All Classes!


Spring 2009

Irish Prose

Graduate Books into Movies

Freaking Swift and Franklin


Spring 2005
Books into Movies

Freaking Swift and Franklin
Graduate Freaking Swift and Franklin

Fall 2004 Courses  
Dryden, Swift, and Pope

Literary Experience (1050)
Contemporary British Drama

Spring 2004 Courses
Literary Experience, Eng 1050
Books into Movies, Eng 2700                      
Contemporary British Novel, Eng 3621

Fall 2003 Courses
Liberal Arts "Great Poems" -- Syllabus

Irish Literature -- Syllabus
Graduate Criticism -- Syllabus

Spring 2003 Courses
Books into Movies
Survey of British Literature

Humanities  (Core 1001)
Syllabus & Grading & Writing Component

Help with Descartes, Hobbes, Newton, Voltaire,  Benjamin Franklin

Courses offered during former semesters (syllabi, exams, etc.)



Covent Garden StBartsHeemskerk

Some Favourite Web Sites

Alchemical Library (A cornucopian labyrinth of esoterica.)
(American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies.)
British University English
(Information on English studies in Britain, plus other useful links, including an excellent literary encyclopedia.)

Easter Eggs
(Hidden surprises in computers and films.)
(Biographical & Bibliographical information on 4,000 Irish writers.)

Fools, Freaks, and Jesters
         Feast of Fools at Notre Dame, Paris
        Urban Legends and Other Hoaxes
        The Jester
Punch and Judy
The Trickster

Franklin, complete, searchable writings.
The Electric Franklin (A well-researched Philadelphia history project for children & others.)
        Franklin (a web site in progress, set up by Prof. Leo Lemay, head Franklin honcho.)
        Franklin's Writings, American Library,
        The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
        Poor Richard's: An Almanack
Funeral Tour of Restoration London (Information about 18th c. sites in London.)
Google (An "intelligent" engine which tries to narrow results to a manageable number of sites.)
William Hogarth Archive 
(All his pictures.)
Samuel Johnson Sound-Bite Page
Internet Library of Early Journals

Jack Lynch's Page  
(18th C. humanities (and more) database for scholars.)
Library of Congress
(Catalogue of every book ever printed in the U.S.A.)
The Newton Project

Pepys Diary--A new page every day.
Philadelphia's "Holy Experiment" 
(Old Philadelphia congregations in the cradle of religious liberty fashioned by William Penn.)

Porter, Roy.  Annotated Bibliography.
Quakers--Society of Friends
            Index to Web Sites on Quakers

Regency Fashions (Fashionable dress a woman or man might have worn in the era.)
Swift/Gulliver Page by Lee Jaffee

Fifth Muenster Symposium on Jonathan Swift Photos
SAC Literary Web (18th C. database from San Antonio College.)

University of Pennsylvania Library (Extensive collection.)

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